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Five Steps to Circulation Fulfillment Conversion:

  1. Completion of Conversion Kit. McMillen Communications works with the Fulfillment Director and/or Publisher to document your publication standard practices, (i.e. # of renewal/invoice efforts) and policies (i.e. pricing of back issues). We walk you through the entire Kit to hear first hand your policies to ensure our fulfillment is customized to meet publisher’s expectations.

  2. Master File Test. The Publisher simply needs to inform the current fulfillment company of their intention to leave and give permission to communicate with McMillen Communications. McMillen Communications then takes over to obtain a copy of the data file, determine data formats, current policies in place and request a full copy of reports for final confirmation of transference.

  3. Inventory Requirements. We understand your customer’s are your #1 asset so the next step is to ensure un-interrupted communications. Renewal, invoice, gift cards, envelopes in almost every conceivable format. If you are happy with your current we will run a test to ensure it meets our equipment standards or if you are in need of updates we can handle the any re-design needs.

  4. Un-Interrupted Cash Flow. This equates to Postal Permits & Bank Deposits. Updating postal permits and bank account information will allow for immediate deposit of all subscription revenue. You can use your own bank or take advantage of our local relationships for immediate access to your funds. The USPS has a few requirements to establish permits however based on our long term relationship McMillen Communications will handle that process.

  5. Do What You Do Best – Publish. That is right. Stay on target with your production schedule because McMillen will be on-time with all mailing criteria to ensure our first mailing together is on-time.

Your concentration needs to stay with your expertise in publishing the best product in your niche. McMillen Communications is confident in a painless conversion process because circulation fulfillment is our expertise.

Call 832-886-1120 x118 for an analysis of your current circulation fulfillment.

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