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Our Customers Speak For Us.

At McMillen Communications, we see every opportunity as a chance to leave a positive impression. We look forward to the day when we can add you to our distinguished list of clients.

Our clients give us high marks and positive feedback for all of our services, but you donít have to take our word for it, see what our customers have to say in the sampling below!

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Client Testimonials:

"Since we started working with McMilllen Communications, our business has grown, our subscriptions generate more profit per order, and the pay-up is faster: a home run in any circulator's book.

Their personalized service, going the extra mile to help meet and exceed our circulation goalsyou can tell the McMillen family name is on the door and they never lose sight of what that means to them personally and more importantly, what it means to their clients."

– George Agoglia, Goodman Media Group

"We worked with McMillen for more than 15 years. That, really, should say it all. Our relationship endured because McMillen provided service second to none, carries the right attitude, embraces the year-in, year-out changes to our business model, stays leading edge and competitive, and delivers on its promises. The business world would be a perfect place if all partnerships were as rewarding as ours has been with McMillen."

– Preston McMurry — President/Chairman, McMurry

"McMillen Communications has proven time and time again that their experience, industry knowledge, and most importantly, loyalty as a vendor are keys to the success and profitability of publishers. Larger fulfillment houses just can not provide the hands on, total turnkey and personal customer service you receive from McMillen."

– Chuck Wilson — Publication Financial Analyist

"Each and every subscriber is very important and valuable to our continued success. Everyone at McMillen Communications recognizes and targets this fact which has resulted in a strong increase to our cash flow and bottom line."

– Robert Firth — Publisher, Blue & Gold Illustrated

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